Our Waterproof Paper Will AMAZE You... Here's How

Aquaproof Paper is the new Waterproof paper "kid on the block".

It's true! This stuff (waterproof paper) has people telling their friends to feel this paper. It's a multi sensory experience if you will... here's why:

The term "waterproof paper" has people asking a TON of questions (we hear new questions daily) We think it's a good idea to address the questions here in a snazzy blog post. So let's go!

waterproof map

Why is this waterproof paper so soft and silky feeling?

Well, the fact that our waterproof paper is made without trees is a given. No pulp from trees 🌲 that creates that gritty wood paper texture. Our waterproof paper is even smoother than the most premium non-waterproof paper out there. 

What makes your waterproof paper so soft to the touch?

Our waterproof paper is crafted without trees and is made from synthetic materials. BTW, our paper is recyclable! 

Aquaproof Paper is a flexible and soft-to the touch paper. It has an enhanced synthetic quality that's more similar to bond than typical papers, but its not shiny or coated in any way--though samples are available on request!

Can I submerge your waterproof paper underwater?

Yes. Please do! Better yet, take a piece of regular old fashioned paper with you to see the real time difference. Our waterproof paper will NOT get soggy.


waterproof paper

Our paper does not absorb water, it repels water! 

Go ahead and leave both pieces of material in the sink over night, we dare you! You will be AMAZED! Going in the pool? Take it for a swim! Going for a journey? Print a map on this amazing waterproof paper so you can navigate without a fuss.

Can I place your waterproof paper in a commercial dishwasher?

YES. Please do, especially if you have your waterproof restaurant menus printed by us! We want you to keep your menus looking like new and squeaky clean and sanitized for your customers' safety. Forget about laminating your menus that get those beat up tired looking edges. Kick it up a notch and print your menus on this fabulous waterproof paper instead. We print all sizes and types of menus to replace your current menu without a hiccup.

Can I tear your menus?

NOPE. Put your muscles to the test. Even if you can rip a phone book in half, your mighty muscles 💪 cannot put a tear in our waterproof paper. It will AMAZE you, give it a try.

Can I stain your waterproof paper?

NOPE. But have fun trying. Go ahead, get creative. Feel like your in an infomercial. Put our waterproof paper though the test. Get creative, grab some ketchup, coffee, mustard, grape juice, (the usual suspects at restaurants that stain traditional menus!)

stain proof paper

What are some typical ways to use your Aquaproof Paper?

There are so many ways to use Aquaproof Paper. For instance, it's the perfect material for laminated cards with the following features: toughness and waterproofness! It’s also great as tags or labels on products that need extra protection like outdoor signs and maps. 

What are some more creative ways Aquaproof paper is being used?

Aquaproof Paper is a tough, waterproof paper that can withstand the toughest of environments. From municipal water and fire departments documents to golf score cards, ID cards, business cards, horticultural tags,training manuals, cookbooks, color copies, or restaurant menus; Aquaproof Paper will always be there for you!


Our waterproof paper means that your documents are safe from water damage. Whether you're working with chemicals or in the rain, they'll stay dry! The variety of sizes available ensures there's a perfect fit for any project at hand- no matter how big it gets.

There's so many perks to using waterproof paper,
we put them in another blog post of its own. 

waterproof paper

If you happen to be in search of alternatives that are both water resistant and durable, then Aquaproof Paper is an excellent choice. The paper has a variety of sizes and thickness while providing resistance against moisture or tearing when wet with no danger whatsoever for your important documents!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team! We're happy to help!

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