The Perks of Using Water-Resistant Paper

The Perks of Using Water-Resistant Paper

Plumbers, food service workers and medical employees often need stronger paper to handle the elements. Water resistant papers can withstand spills and leaks while still being readable in rain or snow without getting destroyed by water stains on your notes that will ruin any chance of making sense when you are underwater!

The perks of using water-resistant paper

The perks of using water-resistant paper include the ability to work in wet conditions, as well as being impervious and immune to grease stains. This makes them perfect for use near sinks or on counters where water is present. 

Water-resistant paper makes for a number of tasks. It's resistant to tears and fading, impervious to moisture like water rings or spills as well as grease stains (which can damage other papers). And it's even more affordable than laminating!

What is water-resistant paper made of?

Synthetic resin, developed from petroleum and unburdened by the need for trees in production has been engineered to be durable like plastic while still retaining a feel that is similar to traditional paper.

Synthetic paper has been engineered to be durable like plastic, while still retaining the feel and print characteristics of traditional paper. Synthetics are water-resistant which provides many benefits for real life applications such as being tear resistant with a film quality that makes it resist grease stains or other liquid damage.

Our synthetic polyester paper, used by the military and government alike to be waterproof. It can take a beating without fail! Made in America with high quality materials that will last you through anything life throws your way - both at work or play. And we're environmentally friendly too: our recyclable product helps keep plastic out there where it belongs instead on landfills.

Best uses for water-resistant paper

Water-resistant paper is a must for any environment where water may be spilled on the surface. It can help prevent damages to documents and equipment, especially those that are sensitive or delicate in nature such as electronics.

Restaurant Menus:

It is no secret that accidents and spills happen in the food industry. Toppled water glasses, greasy fingerprints on paper menus result in dozens of discarded every day! Switching to a more durable material like waterproof menus reduces waste while allowing them be sanitized without any worries about cleanup costs or risk for germs seeping through.

Underwater Activities:

The marine biologist's best ideas come to him in the shower. The biology student tapes data from a rainstorm, sleet or snow day because she knows that water-resistant paper will protect her notes and prevent them from getting ruined when taken out into nature for more than just an hour at most!


Maps are a great way to keep track of your location and surroundings while hiking. The maps that National Parks offer guests can be taken with them on their travels, so they don’t get lost or rain-damaged like other old paper versions might do in an emergency situation where you need quick access for helping out others! If it's not already obvious from what was said before about making sure water doesn't seep into these sorts of papers - we recommend printing off some extra copies as backups should anything happen (which hopefully will never!).

Medical Bracelets:

Medical bracelets are a common way for hospitals to identify and provide care to patients. They help doctors avoid dangerous situations, because they ensure that every patient is being attended too quickly with the proper medical equipment on hand if needed. Patient wristband printing can be done in three different ways: water-resistant paper; synthetic plastic material which allows it last longer than other options - even after immersion into liquid such as blood stains!

Water-resistant Labels:

The perfect solution for outdoor, water-soaked industries. Food and beverage producers can use them to ensure their products stay in pristine condition no matter how much they're handled or spilled on by customers! 

Outdoor Signage:

Outdoor printing is a great way to get your message out there. It can be used for nursery requirements, lumber tags and labels or general horticultural product tags and labels of plants in the landscape industry such as trees. Synthetic paper works well because it has water resistance which means that you won't have any problems with moisture ruining them when exposed outdoors all day long every single day! Billboard advertising also benefits greatly from using this type of material; billboards must withstand rainstorms without turning yellow due their durable nature so synthetic papers fit these needs perfectly.

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