Waterproof Menus

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Waterproof menu printing without the hassle of lamination. 

Our waterproof menus are the perfect choice for any restaurant or bar looking to save money, while still having an elegant presentation. Our waterproof menus at Aquaproof Paper were specifically designed to withstand a commercial dishwasher and spray sanitizer. Not only will these synthetic paper menus never tear, but they'll also never stain. Your customers can soak them in liquids, sauces, foods, and they will always look new. Not only do they look more professional than laminated menus but our waterproof paper is durable enough that it will last longer in harsh conditions like wet kitchens! Our waterproof menus are available in the most popular sizes and folds. Want to give your menus a fresh update? Synthetic paper is the perfect material. Not only does it withstand environmental elements, but with waterproofing and tearproof qualities that will last longer than traditional lamination options this newsprint-based alternative provides you with an ecofriendly yet durable solution.  Simply upload your menu design or our graphic designers can help you craft the perfect menu too. Shop now: