Waterproof Menu Paper
New Washable Menus

Waterproof Menus
You Can Get Wet!

They LOVE to go for a Swim!
Waterproof Restaurant Menus

Waterproof Menus
You Can Sanitize

Highly Resistant to Grease and Staining
Waterproof Flat Menus
Waterproof and Rip-Proof

100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Of Our Services.

Unmatched in Durability

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100% Waterproof Menu

100% Waterproof Restaurant Menu



Knowing I can throw my new waterproof menus into our commercial dishwasher without a fuss is amazing. My menus always look new, crisp, and clean!

Luigi Bonfiglio
La Jolla, CA

Forget messing around with lamination, our new manuals are the solution we've been looking for. Aqua Proof paper is so strong and durable, even our customers ask what we're using!

McKayla Love
Los Angeles, CA

Perfect for the paperwork I need to keep on my fleet of boats.

Brad Cunningham
San Diego, CA

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