About Us

As the leading provider of waterproof and rip-proof printer paper, AquaProof Paper is committed to providing our customers with new and exciting high-quality products that will stand up against any task.

How tough are our products?  

Try 100% waterproof paper,  tear-proof,  no need to laminate - you can even put our waterproof paper through the dishwasher to sanitize them without affecting the print quality time and again. 

Order a free sample pack of premium waterproof paper and put your muscles to the test! Throw AquaProof Paper into the dishwasher, take them scuba diving - we're 100% water resistant so say goodbye to messy lamination prints forevermore.

Our waterproof paper can be used in any environment and it has top-grade results. Whether you're printing at home or using our premium commercial services, we'll give your project a professional touch that will last!

The durability and versatility of the paper make it perfect for any application. You can write on our paper with a ballpoint pen or put it through a laser printer. It can be cut, punched, and creased to fit your needs no matter what you're working on! The durable, waterproof paper was designed to be perfect for all your printing needs. It can withstand the tests of time and still look good as new!


We know you're going to want our waterproof paper for everything! Whether it's printing waterproof restaurant menus that you can throw in a commercial dishwasher, to sanitize, or you’re a scuba diver taking notes underwater, the possibilities to use our paper are endless.


There are many industries that rely on AquaProof Paper for their work. Especially the military, First Responders, hospitality, and industrial companies all rely heavily on this durable waterproof paper to get the job done right and safe!