Why Every Restaurant Should Serve a Waterproof Menu

The next time you order at a restaurant, be mindful of the menus. They receive some rough treatment and can easily get soggy or damaged with just one bump!
The durable paper used in most restaurants may not stand up well against waters spills. Especially laminated paper, yuck! Have you ever noticed all the dirt and bacteria that gets trapped in the edges after a few weeks?

waterproof menu

Traditional menus take a lot of wear and tear...You know that feeling when you look down and see a mess of syrup, or someone spills their coffee on the dessert menu? Yeah it happens ALL the time. But what if I told you there was an alternative to disposing up our favorite menus every time something goes wrong at restaurants! Introducing durable waterproof menus...



Waterproof Menus Can Take a Beating!

At first glance, a waterproof menu may seem like an unnecessary expense. But when you consider that these synthetic papers withstand abuse without any breakdown and can last for years in heavy use or even if they get dirty from food stains then it starts to make sense why so many businesses invest their money into this type of product!

You'll never have to worry about water ruining your beautifully printed promotions ever again! 

Synthetic material that withstands abuse without any breakdown, you can count on it to last in the long term. The paper is tear-proof and extremely durable; even passing rain showers won’t automatically mean your need for reprinting!

Spills, washes, stomps, falls, stain-proof, rip-proof, they stand the test of time.

Outdoor seating? With a quick shake of the menu, you can ensure that even in extreme weather conditions your customers will be able to enjoy their meal. With outdoor seating and rainstorms common for restaurants around town we’re sure this is just what restaurant owners need!

Waterproof Menus Save You Time and Money

The benefits of waterproof menus are endless. You can save time and money by not having to laminate them, which is both costly in terms of production as well as labor-intensive for restaurateurs who have plenty on their plate already without adding this extra project onto it!

Laminated menus only last 3 month on average. Plus by switching to waterproof menus, you won’t have any worries about moisture damage either since these pieces will never get wet - ever again so there's no need at all (or very few) with what kind or adhesive needs applied before use each day; they're always ready when needed.

You can also print your own menu! With a laser printer and waterproof paper, you don’t need to worry about running out. This is perfect for when the weather changes or if you want an individualized menu from one of our many designs—just choose how many copies that specific design needs before printing them on waterproof sheets so they will last longer than normal menus do in this type situation

Print Your Own Menus Or Order them from Us!

Got our waterproof paper readily available? GREAT! You can print your own waterproof menus! You won't have to wait for a new batch when it’s time for that special holiday or seasonally-themed drink. Use the laser toner printer on hand, and make as many of those temporary ones you need - perfect if shortages happen unexpectedly at busy times like during festivals where demand may exceed supply without warning (thank goodness we're here!).

We're so excited to finally introduce our waterproof menu paper. These products won't tear or fray, and they'll look new longer than any other piece of plastic you've ever had before! Plus it's environmentally friendly made from treeless sources - just wipe off all spills with a damp cloth for immediate results (and no more worrying about stains).

Don't want to go to the trouble of redesigning or printing out batches of menus yourself? This is a must option if you have many restaurant locations and need them altered and printed ASAP! At Aquaproof Paper, we have a team of menu designers that can make edits FAST and a shipping team that gets them delivered to you FAST!

Getting Started is EASY

If you're looking for an elegant way to display your menus, look no further. Get in touch with us today, we'll get your waterproof menus started! Our waterproof paper provides the perfect solution with scores and colors that match any style or color scheme in existence today! As mentioned, you can print your own by purchasing our waterproof paper OR have our designers work on getting your menu ready and out the door ASAP!

Let's get your waterproof menu ready!

Give us a call or order your waterproof menu online today!