Please Customers by Keeping your Menus Clean

The menu is a crucial part of any restaurant. It's the first thing your customer sees when they walk in and it sets up how much you charge for food, which can be one indicator as to whether or not someone will come back again - so keeping them clean should remain top priority!

Keeping your Menus Clean

The dirty menu is one of the most common complaints from restaurant customers. A recent survey shows that people are very unhappy with a sticky or soiled menu, which can make them feel unwell before even ordering anything!

Avoid online photos of your dirty menus / negative reviews - Wash Your Menus!

Having washable menus means you can throw your menus into a commercial dish washer without a hassle.

The worst thing that can happen to a restaurant is losing customers through posting negative reviews on review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, or Google Reviews. This especially affects potential new visitors who might want go there but don't due to seeing a bad review.

Dirty Menus

Soiled, dirty menus with old food stuck to them are not just disgusting to look at but can also carry germs. Even though they may look clean to the naked eye, there could be lurking bacteria on these surfaces that you wouldn't want touching your food! A study by researchers from 2013 reports how unsanitary menu items were found contaminated with salmonella and E coli - two nasty pathogens responsible for making people sick or even killing them.

Clean Menu Tips

If you don't clean your menus on a regular basis, then it's as if the restaurant is telling its customers that they don’t care. Dirty menu boards are an often overlooked problem with easy solutions- but one without any consequences! Make sure to always keep them fresh and readable by following these steps:

1: Re-order your paper menus on a constant schedule

2: If you decide to avoid paper menus because of the cost, then it's probably not worth laminating either. Lamination can make your restaurant look cheap and time-consuming; plus they are expensive both in terms or materials as well as labor costs over continued usage (which isn't all that effective).

3: Waterproof menus - Consider synthetic waterproof paper if you want a permanent menu. It's durable, tear-proof and can withstand heavy handling without falling apart or getting dirty from ink stains on the page after one use!

Why Waterproof Menus?

To give your menu a longer life, consider using synthetic waterproof paper. This durable material withstands heavy handling without falling apart or getting dirty from grease stains on the page after one use! You can throw your menus into your commercial dish washer without any problems! This guarantees your menus are always squeaky clean and sanitary. You can't do that with laminated menus!

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Why use synthetic paper by Aquaproof Paper?

Our synthetic paper is made of plastics, yet have the appearance and quality similar to traditional paper. The material can withstand harsh conditions that would otherwise destroy your printed materials such as frequent handling or exposure in wet environments without showing any signs of wear!