Menu Printing: Why AquaProof Paper's Waterproof Paper Is A Money-Saver

Here at AquaProof Paper we set out to design a type of paper that can hold up to nearly anything and we've succeeded our paper is waterproof rip proof and impressively durable in addition to these benefits we wanted to make sure it's easy to use AquaProof Paper.

Today we're featuring our famous waterproof menus and how restaurant owners can save HUGE when they invest in AquaProof Paper's waterproof menus.

waterproof restaurant menus

Restaurant Owners - Stop Throwing Money Away

Forget about the days of routinely wasting money on menus that only survive a few months before they look messy and the lamination fails. You've spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on menus, only to throw them away. That's why we invented AquaProof Paper menus that last forever and always look new! If you're ready to invest in menus that will last, invest in AquaProof Paper menus ASAP!

100% Waterproof Menus

We all know that restaurants sometimes get the unfortunate luck of having their menus become wet and soiled with food and sauces, even gross germs. The good news about having AquaProof Paper menu papers at your business is they can withstand even more than just water! With these durable, long lasting menus by AquaProof Paper, you can simply wipe your menus clean with soapy warm water, and even throw them in a commercial dish washer! Spray them with sanitizer and be left with squeaky clean germ-free menus.

The AquaProof Paper can be printed in vivid color and deep blacks through any home laser printer or copy machine watch it come to life! Use our paper in your printers the same as you would any traditional paper.

waterproof menu

Restaurant Owners are LOVING our Waterproof Menus 

Give your guests a clean menu by using our waterproof paper. With 80% of customers ordering from you again and again, we know that AquaProof Paper will hold up well in even the most demanding conditions!

AquaProof Paper menus are waterproof durable colorfast and can be printed in ultra-high definition every order comes with a free proof. We also have talented graphic designers that specialize in menu design. They're ready to help you get your menus started! 

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