Making Marketing Goals a Reality with Print

Marketing is the process of getting potential clients interested in your products or services.

The keyword phrase here is the process. Goals aren't just about scoring a touchdown; they encompass every move leading up to that defining movement. In marketing, that includes researching, promoting, and sharing your brand and its offerings. 

When (and Why!) Print Marketing is Important

Did you know . . . 

How does print drive consumer response? 

  • The response rate for direct-mail marketing is 37% higher than the email rate.
  • Nearly 80% of consumers act on direct printed mail advertisements compared to 45% on electronic advertisements.
  • Print and direct mail marketing bring a 9% customer response rate compared to other digital marketing channels, which hover around 1% or less. 

Even more exciting, brands that combine print and digital ads make online campaigns 400% more effective!

Now is the Time to Craft a Print Marketing Plan

When it's time to plan your print marketing, start with the ideal outcome.

Define how many first-time customers you hope to gain or how many product units you want to sell. Quantify the goal, then work backward like this:

The Crooked Spoon Café noticed that about 20% of recipients visited a "BOGO" URL link created as an online landing page in response to a direct mail teaser. 10% of BOGO link visitors used this time-bound coupon in the restaurant. From this information, the café worked backward to craft a direct mail strategy.

The Crooked Spoon wanted to draw 200 visitors for a fall harvest gala. If around 10% of URL visitors use online coupons, the café needs about 2,000 visitors for the landing page. If only 20% of direct mail recipients would hop online, the café should send mail teasers to 10,000 households.

How might this work for your business? Define your "win," then zoom out to plan where, when, and how you'll use specific print products (brochures, catalogs, direct mail postcards, trade show flyers, or presentation folders) to get there. Tie measurable outcomes to the amount of print pieces you'll prep, and make this print advertising as compelling and timely as possible.

Like a perfectly executed pass, print marketing can move the ball from mid-field to the endzone in a flash! Need help? Our team of experts is happy to share estimates, samples, or ideas. Contact us today for details.