Do Your Restaurant Menus Pass the Tear Test?

Menus are designed to be handled and used, so it’s no surprise that they get dirty. But don't worry! With the right material you can keep your menus looking great for years with proper care - plastic is a fantastic choice because not only does synthetic menu cover waterproof but also makes sure there's never any tearing or ripping when handled roughly by accident (or on purpose).

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Menus Take a LOT of Abuse - Can Your Paper Menus Survive?

Paper menus are an easy target for destruction. They can't withstand even the lightest of strain, which is why they'll quickly become inedible after just one use! Customers are constantly folding, unfolding, spilling, resting their beverages upon your menu, dropping, spilling, getting food stuck to them, sneezed on, oh the list never ends...but are your menus durable enough?

You may think you're protecting your menus by laminating them or putting them  in a cover or booklet, but the paper will wear out and develop tears over time.

Plastic Menus are Waterproof, Tear-Proof, and More!

The unique waterproof synthetic material of these menus means they can withstand spills, grease, and all the abuse mentioned above! You may wash the plastic with water or wipe it down using a cleanser, which also makes them disinfected! Heck, throw them into a commercial dish washer without a problem! Unlike paper menus that need new ones if your menu gets soiled or wet. Synthetic menus are perfect for saving you time, money & hassle in the process!

Waterproof Menu Paper For Sale Online

Is your Waterproof printing paper available for sale online? YES!

You can still make changes and updates to your menu whenever you want. Your plastic printed menus will never go out of date! Either purchase the waterproof paper for your laser printer to print on your own.or...

Order Your Finished Printed Waterproof Menus Online

You can also order your own waterproof menus from us and have them professionally printed, and shipped at a moments notice. We offer custom waterproof menu printing. We have an option to fit your needs!

Need Waterproof Menu Design and Updates? We Can Help!

If you need a professional menu designer to design and maintain your restaurant menus, we have you covered. We have excellent designers in-house and ready to design the perfect menu for your business. You can even have your menus shipped to all your locations with one phone call!