6 Reasons to Use Waterproof Paper Instead of Laminating

Laminating paper is a time-consuming and sometimes costly practice that requires special machinery to ensure the effective result. However, thanks in part from advances in technology for strong papers manufacturers such as AquaProof Paper have developed durable waterproof paper solutions! In fact, today we're going to give you some great reasons why you should STOP laminating paper and use waterproof paper instead.

Reasons to Use Waterproof Paper Instead

Waterproof papers are a durable, chemical-resistant alternative to traditional paper. They also have indefinite life spans and do not require any additional treatment for longevity because they're already waterproof from the start!

If you're still using paper to laminate your important documents, it's time for an upgrade. Why not try waterproofing instead?

So what are these reasons that make me recommend against laminating and in favor of water-resistant papers like those made by the experts at AquaProof Paper Here they come...

With these six reasons below (and some advice), hopefully this article will convince even those who are against switching over!

Laminated paper is not the only option for projects. Waterproof papers are also cheaper than laminating, but they have their own benefits that make them worth consideration!

1. Save Money By Switching from laminate paper to Waterproof Paper

The cost of waterproof paper may surprise you- there's a common misconception that it is too expensive and laminated papers are cheaper. In fact, we found out the hard way what happens when your projects need to be printed on water resistant material: not only does this add expense but also increased transportation costs because they cannot withstand being moved from place-to-place without damage occurring over time.

In comparison with lamination options which usually have higher upfront investment for supplies or additional items needed such as die cut sheets (which means more inventory), using a product like ours will reduce these expenses by up 50%.


waterproof paper

2. Durability

Waterproof paper is durable, but laminated will not last as long. Water-resistant or coated papers are less sturdy than their waterproofed counterparts because they cannot completely withstand environmental conditions like high heat and humidity which lead to quicker wear on the material over time when compared with a synthetic product that can stand up against these types of forces without issue due in part by being made mostly out polyester instead tree pulp for example This means you'll have to replace your documents every few months rather then years!


3. Time savings

One of the ways waterproof paper saves our customers time is by removing the need for additional finishing after printing. Once a sheet runs through a dry toner laser printer, it's ready to go! If you were to laminate standard papers or cardstock in an envelopes with laminating machine - which may not seem like much at first glance but each second saved counts towards making your life easier. Not a pro at laminating? That will cost you more time as well. Laminating isn't easy. There's air bubbles, lining up the paper properly, cutting edges, fixing edges that look uneven. Once you do laminate something you could also have more mistakes such as not sealing the edge properly. If the laminated papers don't look even, you may want to do the lamination process all over! Another time waster.

Here's a photo of a laminating machine below:

laminating machine 

4. Looks more professional

Laminated products don't hold up over time and eventually peel. They also tend to look tacky, even if you think at first glance that they do not have an aesthetic flaw! Can we also mention that laminated paper is starting to look old fashioned and out dated?! How many times have you had a laminated restaurant menu in your hands and you noticed the dirty stained edges with lifting starting to form? I remember this too many times for myself! In fact - I remember playing with the frayed edges as I waited for the waitress to take my order. (Immediately give the restaurant a cheaper vibe.)

Nowadays, how a product looks is always important and there’s no exception for lamination. Laminating anything will not make it look good in the long run; trust me when I say this because after just one day of using your new phone case you'll know what i mean! The appearance changes from shiny to dull fast with time so don't let yourself get stuck on such an ugly design.


5. Versatile

Waterproof paper is versatile and can be used for any product that would normally print on traditional papers, but could use more durability. It's great for waterproof restaurant menus, business cards; it also makes signs readable in rainy weather! Water resistant materials are easily customizable with your own custom designs too - just tell us what you want them to look like. Whether it's training manuals, needed outdoor displays of all year round long enough before they wear out due rain/moisture? There's also a good idea to have reams of blank waterproof copy paper so you can freely print at home anything you wish. Don't forget about printing waterproof color copies on both sides.


6. High quality every time

Printed on synthetic paper, images are crisp and clean. Waterproof papers have the appearance of standard printer's ink-jet or laser toner prints that can be loaded into any type of dry printer just like regular paper! These products come in various weights with different qualities depending upon your needs for either water resistance or strength/thickness; they also come pre punched so you don't need to pay an additional fee when printing at home. With laminated media being unable even tolerate folding due its material composition - waterproofing definitely sets these documents apart.

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