2023 Menus - Waterproof Paper is Here! Stop Laminating.

Stop using regular paper. Stop laminating.

waterproof menu

2022 is all about ending the lamination process for your menus!

Wipe off all your spills with our waterproof menu paper and you won't have to worry about any more plastic looking menus. Our eco-friendly product is made from synthetic recyclable materials that will last longer than anything else on the market!

Your menu is an opportunity to make a great first impression with your guests or patrons while showcasing what you have on offer. The design of the menu can help tell people about how they will be able experience an unforgettable culinary adventure, which in turn helps increase customer retention rates!

Stop using regular paper. Stop laminating and find a better solution for your restaurant's reputation! Waterproof menu surfaces are inexpensive, durable options that can withstand the rigors of daily use—and they come at no cost in equipment or supplies. They provide an excellent impression with customers as well because there won’t be any worries about potential stains on your menus and they'll look new.

Synthetic Paper Wins in 2022

Synthetic paper is the better choice when it comes to delivering a more upscale look and feel. Synthetic papers are not only durable, but they also have many other benefits such as being waterproof or tear-proof! They can even be washable making them easy on your housekeeping budget while still looking good after day 100 just like new every time!

Synthetic paper is softer and has an immediate noticeable different feeling than traditional paper because these materials do not rely on natural ingredients. Non-porous material meaning it wont absorb water or dirt! They're smooth as silk! They have a very luxurious feeling indeed! Your patrons will notice a difference.

waterproof menu

Aquaproof Paper is the BEST synthetic paper

The latest trend in restaurant design is all about sustainability, and there's no better way to be sustainable than by using Aquaproof Paper. Quickly becoming a favorite among restaurant owners for its sleek look as well affordability over time - this new synthetic paper will not only save you money but also help reduce clutter from single use menus!

The world of paper has changed, and we're here to help you take advantage. Our version is called Aquaproof Paper - it's a synthetic material designed specifically for restaurants or hospitality settings that provides many benefits including an aesthetically pleasing appearance which makes printed menus easy-to print on as well!

Your customers will love the way your menus look on this environmentally friendly paper. It’s perfect for restaurants and hotels because it doesn't get stained, reduces waste by eliminating single use disposable menus which are both expensive AND not eco-friendly. Plus you'll save money through decreased printing costs since each page only takes minutes instead hours when using traditional materials like cardstock- not mention all those precious trees aren CUT DOWN.

waterproof map

Aquaproof Paper has so many uses!

Whether you're a restaurant owner, hotelier or just want to keep track of your recipes at home -Aquaproof Paper is an excellent choice. Not only does it work well for menus and other print material but also provides flexible signage options that cannot be found anywhere else! You'll find creativity has been taken outdoors with interesting designs beyond what's possible on traditional papers.

You can post menu specials and important recipes, keep track of inventory for chefs or cookery students who are training with you (and not just on their own time), print out loyalty cards that give discounts at certain intervals - it's really up to what works best! 

Some restaurants even incorporate this messaging system into long-term signage like menus so guests know exactly where they'll find all these mouthwatering options waiting when dining inside.

The possibilities are endless when using this durable yet lightweight product which can withstand rain & moisture as well making them perfect whether indoors or out .

We're Here to Help Elevate Your Menus  

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