About Us

About Us

AquaProof Paper is a niche-product brand of PrintStarNow.com based in the San Diego area, where wind and sea is an everyday event.

 In response to our weather and proximity to the ocean, PrintStar has developed and printed waterproof products for the local demand. We launched AquaProofPaper.com to highlight our professional waterproof products. AquaProof Paper has developed many best-in-class products including waterproof notebooks, waterproof business cards, waterproof posters, scuba diving logs, and of course, our classic waterproof menu-printing services. AquaProof Paper also offers waterproof printing paper for your home laser printer.

 AquaProof Paper products are manufactured in the USA and designed for environments where water and rough use are the norm, not an accident. AquaProof Paper is tear-proof within reason, and able to withstand water-prone environments where traditional wood pulp paper would not hold up.

 Our AquaProof Paper menus are the best in the industry! Printed on synthetic paper, our menus are available to customize many paper weights, sizes, style, and color options!



AquaProof Paper is a division of PrintStar, a San Diego based print and copy company providing online printing services.

We focus on low-cost high quality printing for both your business and everyday needs, and pride ourselves on fast and reliable service.

You can order conveniently online, or call to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable customer care representatives.

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.